Hard Hats & Digital Chats – Humor and Strategy to Navigate the Foggy Waters Of Industrial Digital Marketing

Now let’s jump right in–industrial digital marketing. The situation is similar to trying to navigate your ship in foggy water. You know where you’re going, but how will you get there. Another story. We’re not just talking your standard marketing message; we’re talking heavy duty, hard-hat required kind of stuff.

Even in the land where gears and gadgets are king, content marketing reigns supreme. You don’t have to write yawn inducing blog articles that sound like they are written by robots for robots. We are not telling stories, but rather describing how your device turned a production line that was a sloth-like machine into a speed demon. Case studies? Consider making them sound like epic stories of transformation and victory.

Search engine optimization for industrial sectors is like finding an arrow in a haystack. A very specific and technically complex arrow. The goal isn’t to stuff as many keywords into the search engine as possible, and hope for the best. It’s more of a detective job, trying to figure out what Google engineers whisper when no-one else is around.

It’s easy to see why social media is a strange place. Who would want to scroll through pictures of industrial valves in Instagram while drinking their coffee? There are more people than you think! By showing off your equipment in action, or by giving a peek behind the scenes, you can turn valves and gadgets from mere accessories into the stars of the event.

Email marketing? Email marketing? We should ditch the dull, boring newsletters for something that has a little more zest. Imagine that you receive an email in your inbox with a message that is tailored to you and offers you exactly what you are looking for at the exact moment you require it. This is the dream, yes?

Let’s talk about data analytics without sounding like rocket science. Imagine that you are Sherlock Holmes and you have a magnifying lens. Each click, each scroll will reveal something about your audience. Make smarter decisions with the information you gather.

AI and IoT, buzzwords that are thrown around as often as confetti during a wedding. Here’s what they are: game-changers. What if you could chat with your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without having to break a sweat? Goldmine! Devices that gather data on the way your customers use your products will help you to tailor everything exactly.

Here you go, a whirlwind introduction to industrial digital marketing that won’t put you to sleep. (I hope). It’s about connecting to people–even when they wear steel-toed shoes and hard hats. You should keep your communication real, engaging and not afraid to use humor. We could all benefit from a good laugh in the midst of all this serious talk. You might find yourself developing an appetite for adventure in ways that you’ve never thought possible.

Remember: Life is too short to eat boring food. Who knows what we’ll do next? Promises of quick fixes and odd tricks are not the best way to go. Take a break, maybe grab an apple (a real one) instead. Remember, if movies were graded on the basis of sanity, then these eating plans would be horror movies! Stay away from fatty foods, keep it simple but tasty and listen to your common sense.

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