Plastic Surgery in the Wild West

Oh, yes. It’s a bit like the Wild-West of the beauty world isn’t? You have the surgeons as sheriffs and the naysayers as outlaws. Everyone else is just trying to fit in. Let’s get a coffee and have a chat about the controversial topic.

Let’s first break it down. Plastic surgery wild west can be divided into two groups: fixing what is broken, or upgrading what already exists. Think about it like bringing your car in for a needed repair or pimping out your ride because you’re able.

The options are endless when it comes to changing your appearance. You have more options than you can find on a dining menu. Nose job? Check. Bigger boobs? You betcha. How about sucking up some stubborn fats? Absolutely. Just scratch the surface. But the really juicy stuff is reserved for the newbies – procedures straight from a sci-fi book.

For example, fat transfer. It’s almost like playing Tetris, moving your body’s fat to the places you want. Botox or fillers can also be used to give you some “zhuzh,” without any downtime.

Why do people get a needle or go under the knife? Well, it’s complicated. For some it’s about rewinding time or fixing something in their mirror that they find bothersome. For others, healing may come after an unfortunate event in their lives – a serious accident or illness – has left a mark.

This is where things get tricky. Instagram makes anyone feel the need for a quick makeover. You can easily fall into the trap that you want to look like the influencers, not the best version yourself.

Plastic surgery is a big decision. It’s a lot like climbing a steep mountain without knowing the exact view at the top. It’s true that technology is evolving at a rapid pace. 3D imaging allows you to peek into your future, while robots provide precision that only humans can dream of.

The question is, if we have the technology to alter every inch of our body, should we?

This is my opinion: it’s essential to keep the expectations as real as reality TV drama, and remember that perfection can be as mythical as unicorns sporting lipstick.

Don’t forget about fairness, either. Not everyone can get a ticket to the chocolate factory of cosmetic enhancements.

CRISPR technology is on the cusp of allowing us to edit our DNA like Instagram filters.

This is a brief introduction to plastic surgery. If you’re curious or considering it, make sure you smile when you look in the mirror. Your confidence is a great thing, as well as your wicked sense if humor.