Sandy Carpets in Northern Beaches: Cleanliness, Eco-Consciousness, and Surviving

Oh, the Northern Beaches. It’s the place where sand seems to get everywhere. The sand is in the shoes and bags you carry, as well as deep down into your carpet fibers. We live here like we’re on permanent vacation. However, cleaning our houses with, and especially the carpets can be like trying your best to get sand off of your feet just before you go to sleep. Spoiler alert, there will always be some.

Around here, cleaning carpets is not only about vanity. Or removing those wine stains left from the get-together last Friday (though that can be done too). The main reason is survival. As the ocean and its sand act like little carpet killers, the fluffy floors are at risk.

If you think that the solution is to use a jug of dirty water or a bucket, then I’m sorry but this will not work. Now, I want to stop you. The analogy is similar to using a small spoon to remove the water from a ship that’s sinking. Carpet cleaners can be compared to lifeboats. With their gadgets and tools, they will have your carpets smelling like a retreat.

Dry cleaning or steam cleaning are like having ice cream on a hot summer day. Steam cleaners are deep–we’re talking Mariana Trench level deep–perfect for those things that have become ingrained in your life. In contrast, dry-cleaning is fast, efficient, and perfect when you don’t have time to say “Pass me my sunglasses.”

The interesting thing is that we, beach lovers, care just as deeply about Mother Nature. It is therefore a win-win situation to find services which use environmentally friendly products (but not literally as we are bird lovers). Our carpets will remain clean, without hurting Earth.

We all know that trying to get rid of stubborn stains is as hard as trying fold a fitted linen sheet. It can be best to concede defeat, and call for the cavalry. There are no surprises for them – they’ve dealt with everything from pet accidents to red wine staining.

As an added bonus, having newly cleaned carpets will do wonders for how your home feels. You feel refreshed, just like when you take your first swim in the ocean after a long day. And, it’s nice to not be scrubbing your feet on the dirt accumulated for months. Priceless.

To conclude (because every good tale needs one), to live on the Northern Beaches, you must embrace everything. This includes the battle with sand. No need to worry. You don’t have to worry!

You’re doing your best to protect the earth and yourself by keeping carpets as clean as possible. What if we never know? Perhaps one day we will figure out the best way to keep sand in the right place on the beach. Enjoy vacuuming until we can figure out how to keep the sand on the beach.

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