Hallway Makeovers – A Quick Guide for a No-Fuss Makeover

It’s time to dive in and get our hands dirty with hall decorating. No jargon, no fluff. Imagine this scenario: your hallway isn’t very exciting and needs a makeover. You don’t have the money to spend or want it turned into a mess. Sound like a great plan? Then let’s put our hands up and start moving. You can get the best hall decorating ideas on our place.

The walls are the first thing to address. These walls are staring blankly at your every day. They want some love. It’s time to ditch those grandma-approved patterns and go with something that will make you smile. You’re looking at bold, eye catching designs which make your pulse skip a few beats. Don’t want to go all-in on wallpaper? Problemo? Gallery walls can also be as striking. Add old photos from your family to funky prints. You could even add a neon sign. Like throwing an open house on your wall, everyone is welcome.

Mirrors were next in our list. These mirrors can make any area look brighter and bigger. You can think of them like the selfie masters for room decoration; they’ll know exactly what angles will make your hall appear its best. If you want to create drama, place a huge mirror in one corner. You could also use smaller ones if you’re going for the funhouse look (minus all of those creepy-crawly clowns).

On to the floor now! Rugs or runners do more than protect toes. They can add texture, color, and even warmth to the area below. It’s important to choose something strong enough to handle a crowd, yet still make you want a barefoot happy dance.

Lighting need not be boring. Don’t use those boring, dull bulbs. Try something different – pendants lights, string lights along the walls, or stylish sconces.

It’s usually the storage that makes things difficult in halls. Nobody wants to have their clutter displayed (unless it is your cool collection of vintage headwear). If you have a slim console with a drawer or slick built-in cabinet, it’s easy to keep your keys and mail hidden while maintaining accessibility.

A few small touches can bring the whole thing together. It’s the little touches that make a difference.

This is a fun, quick look at hall decor that does not require you to sell your soul in exchange for an interior-design degree or spend weekends visiting home improvement centers. Don’t forget: The hall acts as the entrance to your whole home. Be sure it creates the right atmosphere for an encore. Don’t hesitate!

The trick to making a boring hall look amazing is mixing personal flair with practical magic. Don’t forget that you can use every square inch to your advantage. Be creative (within limits) and enjoy yourself. Grab those doorknobs to show them some love.