Finding Your Perfect Road Companion Guide: Choosing The Best Leather Motorcycle Vest

Now let’s not waste time and get right to it. This is not just a choice of clothes; it’s a companion for the road that will be with you no matter what. Now, let’s go straight to the point.

We’ll start by talking about durability. You don’t want a vest to look good on a few rides and then start giving up as quickly as my diet after I see a piece of cheesecake. What you want is something tough that will keep going. Cowhide can be your friend. It’s tougher than old boots and will age like fine wine.

Then, let’s talk comfort. Who wants to feel as if they are wrapped in a rigid leather taco. No, not me. What you need is something that will move with your body, and not against it. Vests with breathable linings will be a great investment for your sweaty future self. Are there side snaps or laces? The side laces or snaps are not there just to look good. These help you get the ‘just-right’ fit, so that your vest won’t flail around when you’re going fast.

The fit is important, but it depends on the person wearing the garment. A sausage-like feeling is the result of wearing clothing that’s too tight. Too loose will have you looking like an oversized parachute. The Goldilocks zone is where all feels just right.

The pockets – how sweet they are! The pockets of a good motorcycle vest are often overlooked. When your vest is able to carry all your necessities, why bother with a backpack? You should be careful not to fall into the trap of too many pockets. It will look like you are a kangaroo with two wheels.

Milwaukee Leather and Viking Cycle, the two biggest brands in leather vests offer a quality that will not make you cry. Consider going custom if the off-the rack option sounds like last week’s leftovers. Although it may cost more, having a custom-made item is incredibly cool.

Customization is key. Why be like everyone else when you’re born to standout? Someone can sew your personal style onto the vest. What about neon pink Flamingos in black leather? It’s your vest! From a mile away, your vest should shout “you”.

Choose a motorcycle leather vest with care. It is not rocket science, but requires some thinking. I have a cheap bridge for you to buy if that’s what you prefer. Consider what is important to you. Is it comfort, durability or the ability to sneak snacks in your pockets?

The best way to choose the leather motorcycle jacket is by finding the balance between style and function. This will ensure that you can keep up with all your road adventures while looking good. Shop online or in stores (in your pajamas, because why not?) using these tips. You can find the right biker partner. You can be tearing through city streets, or riding down country roads. What matters is your mood.

Think about the awesome selfies you’ll take with your new gear! Here we are all rolling around in money!