Identifying the troubled transmission SOS signals

Let’s discuss when the signs your transmission went out. It’s like being on a first date. Everything is going well, then suddenly, there’s awkward silence. That’s how it feels when your car won’t go into gear. You feel like your car is giving you the cold-shoulder. One minute, you are shifting easily and the next you are stalling. This could be a transmission SOS, regardless of whether you drive stick or automatically.

Imagine this: As you drive along your car dashboard suddenly lights up. It’s probably not a Christmas tree on your dashboard, but rather a warning from the car that something is wrong. These flashy signs are not just for show.

Have you ever been in an environment where the whole room is shaking, but no music was playing? Your car may not be trying to amuse you if it starts acting like a rollercoaster, shaking and jerking without any apparent cause. Another sign your transmission has a bad day is if it starts to jerk and shudder without any apparent reason.

Then there are the times that your car starts to hum or clank like a bad garage band. The sounds you hear are not a new hit song; instead, they could indicate that your transmission is wearing down faster than if it were a radio station.

If you smell something cooking while driving, but it’s not food, it could be overheated transmission fluid. It’s not just a strange smell to wrinkle your nose at. This is serious stuff and needs to be checked out right away.

Puddles can ruin a day. This liquid is reddish in color and will sit under your vehicle’s belly. You have a transmission fluid leak. This is like leaving breadcrumbs all over the place when you park, only they are a warning of possible trouble instead of leading to your home.

Here we have reached the conclusion of our chat on transmissions that are faulty. You can avoid being stuck or paying hefty repairs if you remember these warning signs. Listen for strange noises, and pay attention to how your vehicle behaves. It’s only half the battle if you can catch someone else before they do.

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